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The Blix Blender Review

March 21, 2018
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The Blix blender is the Keurig for smoothies and other liquid foods. Keurigs are known for their innovative pods that create single-serving coffee drinks including lattes, espressos, cappuccinos and traditional coffee in a variety of flavors. What if we told you that you could make single serving smoothies, soups and spreads just as easily and automatically. Enter the Blix blender.

The blender is set to launch in March 2018 but is available for pre-order at $150. In order to make your creation, you use premade cups that already come filled with smoothie, soup or spread ingredients. You must purchase these directly from the manufacturer. Once you have your cups, fill them with your desired liquid, be it water or juice. Then place the cup in the blender and press the power button and voila, it’s done. You can then eat or drink straight from the cup and when you are done, toss it into recycling.

The blender comes in white and black and has a design that is sleek, modern and minimalistic. It has a square base with a simple power button on the front and a cylindrical tower that stands on top of that. The cylindrical tower has a sliding door in which you put your premade cups. You take your cup turn it upside down and snap it into place.

The entire Blix strategy seems to borrow a bit from past established and/or failed appliances. The most obvious inspiration seems to come from the Keurig coffee machines that brew single serve drinks from prepackaged little pods. The Blix also seems to mirror the Juicero in some ways. The Juicero was, unfortunately, a failed smart juicer that sold for $400 and utilized ingredient bags, but customers were able to bypass the expensive machine when they figured out that they could just squeeze out the contents of the bags. Lastly, the Blix also incorporates aspects of a meal delivery service as it offers weekly subscriptions. This service starts at $39 for six cups. However, if a subscription service is not for you the cups come in multiples of six with the smoothies costing $6.49 and the soups and spreads $7.00.

The cups are filled with wholesome foods that were flash frozen at peak freshness. They are also free of GMOs, preservatives with no sugar and nothing artificial. Blix system also has no cleanup. Since the ingredients are already prepared and, in the cup, there will be no messy workstation or food bits to wipe up after. The Blix blender blends all of their recipes in under 60 seconds.

The most convenient aspect of the Blix is the elimination of the need to prepare ingredients and measure them out. One can just easily pop one of the Blix cups into the blender and be on their way in seconds. However, keep in mind that while the appliance is reasonably priced enough, the continuing need to buy more cups will end up becoming quite expensive.

Blix wants to be able to marry the concept of fast convenient food with healthy and delicious food options and that is how the concept for the Blix blender was born.