I can’t believe what an idiot I’ve been.

Before I explain, I’ll fill you in on a few details.  I’m a nut lover.  It’s possible that I was a squirrel (perhaps this is why Ollie likes me so much) in a previous life.

On most days you can find a nut pack (a mixture of spices, nuts and dried fruit) in my purse or me hovered over an apple smearing almond butter on it.  I’ll take nuts in any form, but almond butter might be my favorite.  You can spread it on just about anything and before you know it, poof – you have energy.  It’s a great post work out snack and when coupled with an apple gives the perfect amount of protein and sugar.

So, why am I an idiot?  Well, there have been countless times I’ve starred at an empty container of almond butter in the fridge, sad and depressed that my apple would have no almond butter that day.  A few times, I’d actually go to the store just to get almond butter.  I’ve even been known to disappear for hours on a vacation scouring grocery stores for freshly ground almond butter.

Somehow today it occurred to me that almond butter is pretty much just… almonds.  I mean seriously, I’m an idiot.  Now the secret is out – keep a big bag of almonds handy and you can whip of fresh almond butter in about 10 minutes!

Here is what you need:
- Food Processor
- Raw Almonds
- Salt (if you want)

- Blend for 10 minutes or so

Seriously, that’s it!  And the best part is, its cheaper than the store bought stuff and much better for you because there is no added sugar (unless you want) or other weird stuff.