Ski House in Jackson Hole

We’re back!!  After three months in Jackson Hole, we’ve returned home to Colorado and it feels great.  I try hard not to be a materialistic person, but I just LOVE my things.  My bed. My kitchen. My Sonos system (we have music in the shower!).

Don’t get me wrong, my time in Jackson Hole was amazing.  It is by far my favorite area in the country to ski, contains the best breakfast burrito on the planet, and the wildlife reminds me of what it must have been like on the Oregon Trail. But it is small and I think I’d get a BIG itch living there full time considering Boulder is feeling like a thriving metropolis!

One of the many beautiful Jackson Sunsets

On our drive home, we made a small detour at my sisters in Montana.  She is three months pregnant and recovering from hyperemesis.  Hyperemisis is an illness that occurs during the first trimester (or for the unlucky ones the second trimester as well).  It causes severe morning sickness resulting in dangerously low dehydration.  My sister equated it to having the stomach flu for months at a time time.  She was so sick, she had a permanent IV and on a good day could actually get out of bed.

She received great care from her home health aid, but chasing two little kids around the house would have been impossible.  Meet munchkin 1 and munchkin 2.

So, a few of my family members took up shifts living at their house.  Luckily on my shift, Jenni was starting to turn the corner and feel better.  Although weak, she made tremendous progress over the eight days I was there.  And thank goodness for that because a 4 and 2 year old are E-X-H-A-U-S-T-I-N-G!   I was amazed at how little time a full-time Mom has (yeah yeah, you Mom’s already know this).  Even if there is a fleeting moment of silence, it is usually easily filled with chores like cleaning or trying to get dinner ready.

Feeling lucky to come out alive, I returned to Boulder late last week and slept for a very long time.

I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule in between unpacking and spring cleaning over the next few weeks!  In addition, I put together a food photography portfolio that I’ll be sharing later next week!